Let's Be Honest

Figuring out how to to feel good in your body AND about your body is tricky business. 


Am I right?


We know that what we eat and how well we look after ourselves can have a direct impact on how good we feel within body AND how good we feel when we look in the mirror.


Maybe you are living with digestive disasters, hormone havoc, mood or energy problems or pesky skin issues and want to find a more holistic way to support your body though diet and lifestyle. You want to treat the root cause instead of suppressing it. 


Or perhaps you have been stuck on the dieting treadmill for too long. Regardless of your weight you feel controlled by your thoughts about your body and what you eat. When it comes to your relationship with food, let's just say your status update would be - it's complicated. 


So here's the plan...

It's time to create a customised strategy for a healthier happier you.


It's time to ditch the cookie-cutter one size fits all approach and begin to understand how to transform your health whether it's your weight, mood, energy, skin, hormones digestion OR your tortured relationship with food.


That's why I've created a whole new approach to help you shift your mindset around your body and your relationship with food. 

Your health and happiness doesn't begin and end with dropping a few pounds of simply feeling content when you look in the mirror.


It's the energy to give every day your all, the confidence of knowing you can take care of yourself and being able to eat for pleasure and enjoyment without the guilt.


It's about understanding what foods make you feel good so you have the energy to go for what you want out of life. 


Let's begin the journey to a whole new you.

“Thank goodness for Christy Fergusson, a true beacon of light for young women ready to take control of their health and their bodies”."

nadia sawahla, tv presenter

I grew up battling il health & food issues...

I often joke that as a teenager I collected diagnostic labels the way more teenage girls collected shoes:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Endometriosis, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Cystic Acne, not to mention Bulimia. 


To top it off, I spent years struggling with my weight and relationship with food. Throwing up in bathrooms, starving myself and feeling confused about my body. By the age of 16, I realised that if I didn't start figuring out for myself, I was never going to get better.   


So I put on my big girl shoes and decided to revamp my collection with something new - qualifications. I went on to train as a Doctor of Psychology and Nutritional Therapist.




    Dr Christy Fergusson is a Doctor of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hay House Author. Christy has a Ph.D., MSc and BA Hons in Psychology; she is also a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, a Nutritional Therapist with the British Association of Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.Through her combined integration of her expertise in nutrition, psychology and hypnotherapy she has quickly become the ‘go to’ food psychology expert in the UK.

    • Joint BA (Hons)

      Psychology & Sociology.

    • MSc In Health Psychology

    • PhD Psychology

    • Qualification In Health Psychology (Stage 2) 

    • BSc Nutritional Therapy

    • Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy


    "Not only a Doctor of Psychology but also the most glamorous nutritionist we know."

    womens health magazine


    As Featured In

    Dr Christy is a published author and freelancer writer whose work has been widely featured in the national press. She published her first book with Hay House in 2013.  


    As the former in-house nutritionist for Women's Health Magazine for several years she wrote and contributed to features along with writing her own column 'Life On A Plate' analysing celebrity diets. She has also worked for the Sun newspaper as a Sun columnist and continues to write articles and provide expert opinion on a freelance basis. Her work has been featured widely in national publications such as The Sunday Times, The Express, The Sun, The Daily Record, FHM, Women’s Health, Top Sante, Women’s Fitness, Now, No.1, Spirit & Destiny, ELLE, NOW and Grazia to name a few.


    As Seen In

    Dr Christy's  first on-screen work was with STV. For a year, she developed and presented her own fortnightly health and nutrition slots on 'The Hour'. These 10-minute segments gave nutrition and wellness tips in a fun friendly way


    She is best known for her appearances as the food psychologist on Channel 4s hit show "Secret Eaters". For this hidden camera show, she developed psychological experiments to reveal that we often eat more than we realise. She has also had various other expert appearances on TV shows including GMTV's 'Fatima's Fat Fight'  with Fatima Whitbread, Nigel Slaters BBC 4 'Life is Sweets', BBC 1 'Scotland's The Fat' and Sky News.

    'Hot, Healthy, Happy helps us accept that happiness and health are an inside job. This book will help you reclaim your inner power, transform your perception of yourself and experience miraculous shifts'

    Gabriele Bernstein, NY Times Bestselling Author


    I live in the west of Scotland with my husband Jonathan, daughter Ella and our two dogs Pixie + Mitsy.


    I love meeting others passionate about transforming their relationship with food and taking back control of their well-being, so please come over and chat with me on Facebook or Instagram. I also love Youtube and Pinterest.


    If you would like my help in addressing your health or food issues then schedule a one to one strategy session with me. 


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